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Our clients' experiences speak for themselves.


Judy P., Winnipeg - "The service and treatment I got at Estate Attorneys was so good that I gave their business card to everyone in my family."


Bill M., Fort Garry - "My mother is 93 and although her mind is still good, she has severe arthritis. We suggenly realized she never made a Will, but that was no problem because a lawyer from Estate Attorneys came over to our house and did the job painlessly."


Mr. & Mrs. Shaver, Selkirk - "In our family we have unfortunately had a lot of cancer, so we were very anxious to make sure that we have an estate plan including our Wills, Powers of Attorney and Living Wills. It was made easier to do by Estate Attorneys of Manitoba."


Sony, British Columbia - "My father died and I was named Executor. I was not only grieving and upset, but didn't know what to do. With the great help and guidance of Estate Attorneys of Manitoba, I made it through the process more easily."


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